Can you reverse myopia?

Myopia can be reversed, but it’s going to be hard — it may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. I haven’t succeeded in doing it, I have only been able to stop it’s progression and make it a little bit better. The accumulation of refractive error is done through the continued stress on the shape of the eye (for more details, read “The Secret of Myopia” in the medicine section). The way to repair this refractive error is to eliminate this stress, and let the eye return to its original shape.

Eliminating this stress may be impossible for many people, myself included. If your job requires reading (or if you are a student), it’s going to be very difficult to completely eliminate stress. However, you can minimize it as much as possible by looking up from whatever you are reading or writing every minute or so for a few seconds. Furthermore, good quality plus lenses (reading glasses) can be worn while reading. You should hold the material you are reading at a distance at which it is slightly blurry. This bluriness means that the plus lenses are simulating the book being just outside your normal viewing range, meaning there is zero stress on your eye.

There are numerous success stories on the web about people who reversed their myopia, but the one thing they have in common is their determination and indomitable spirit. They stuck with their original plan and remained committed to their goal of seeing clearly once again. The reason I was not able to reverse my myopia is because I did not stick to my plan. I admit, it is difficult, but it is by no means impossible.

There are also things such as “eye excersizes”. Their effectiveness is suspect, but they are by no means a closed case. The theories behind them are not very clear but I would suggest that you go to David De Angelis’ site, . I have read quite a few testimonies about it, and if eye excersizes are your preferred plan of action, I would suggest it as your first destination.

I’ll post some more about other ways to reverse myopia a bit later. Good luck!


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